Book Now - Pay Later.

Book with 50 or more days before departure, and your car will be reserved but payment will not be required until 4-weeks before departure.

.By booking your car early you win by:

  • Getting the car group of your choice
  • The US$ price is guaranteed
  • No cancellation charges if the booking is cancelled before payment made
  • Delayed payment terms

Bookings made for Christmas & Easter really benefit. By booking early clients are able to book the car group of their choice at a reasonable price. Those that booked late had a much smaller selection of vehicles to choose from and the price was up to 250% more than those that booked early.

You really should consider booking as soon as you can when booking either an Alamo or Dollar Rent-A-Car as there is no need to pay any earlier than a month in advance and you avoid any subsequent price increases 

Note: Bookings subsequently amended will be subject to rates in force at the time of amendment.

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Last edited 10 January 2016