Hurricane Dorian


As the South East Coast prepares for Hurricane Dorian to make landfall (1-2 September) throughout the states of Florida and Georgia. We are continuing to work with local communities, governments and business across the expected impacted areas to determine the most immediate transportation needs. 

Both Alamo & Dollar have prepared procedures which can be followed in the event of disruption caused by hurricane Dorian. These are reproduced below.


Potential Questions Regarding Hurricane Dorian

Are my rental fees being dropped?

•             At this time, drop and one-way fees will be waived for customers who are unable to return to a location due to the Hurricane. Customer may return to another location in the U.S without a fee.

•             For location-specific information, customers are encouraged to call the branch from which they rented. Local contact numbers can be found on their rental agreements or via the Contact Centre if needed (1-800-662 2725).

Will I be charged a late fee if I am unable to return my vehicle?

•             If there are unforeseen circumstances prohibiting you from returning your vehicle, please call the branch from which you rented.

My vehicle is flooded, what should I do?

•             If your vehicle has been flooded, please contact the branch from which you rented.

The Branch where I rented my vehicle has not reopened, what do I do?

•             Phone lines will remain open at all locations impacted. Please call your local branch and they will assist you. We appreciate your patience as call volumes may be heavy at times.

If your bookings are subject to Cancellation or No-Show fees these will be waived for rentals that are scheduled to collect on 31st August, 1st September or 2nd September at locations in Florida and Georgia.

We will re-evaluate the situation on Monday 2nd September and provide further information as necessary. 


Dollar Car Rental

We have been advised by Dollar Car Rental that the following changes will apply to airport and off-airport locations in Florida and Georgia that may be impacted by Hurricane Dorian.  These changes will remain in place until otherwise notified:  

1.     Active rentals that cannot return to the locations mentioned due to the location being closed, are able to return when the site is open for no extra fee/penalty.

2.     Drop fees/rates are waived for returns to alternative locations for distances up to 400 miles from the planned location (per the original res).

3.     In Florida and Georgia FPO (Fuel Purchase Option) prices will be frozen at their current price, while the “State of Emergency” declaration is active.  This is in accordance with anti-price gouging legislation.  Local price adjustments are prohibited.

Fuel Service Charge (FSC / service charged at return)

•                     FSC prices will be lowered to match FPO price, effective immediately.

•                     FSC pricing will be evaluated on a daily basis and is subject to changes based on current

4.     Debit cards will be accepted at Airport locations in the affected area, for customers that are requiring transportation due to Hurricane Dorian.  Temporary Debit card qualifying requirements are:

•                     Must meet minimum age requirements as per normal rental qualifications

•                     Valid Driver License

•                     Matching name on Driver License and debit card

•                     Debit card must be mag-swiped using the signature capture device

•                     Debit cards will be processed through the credit check at time of rental, if the credit check is denied, another form of payment will be required

•                     Authorization must be obtained to cover rental charge