UK Driving Licences

From 8th June 2015 the UK will no longer be endorsing traffic offences on the paper part of the driving licence and instead offences will be computerised and recorded electronically.  This applies to both the old style paper licences issued before 1998 and the two part driving licence with photo id issued since 1998.

Many car rental companies will need to know about traffic convictions and so persons renting a car should get a temporary code which they can give to car hire companies and this will enable the car rental company to see the licence endorsements.  However from 8th June 2015 UK licence-holders renting with Hertz Dollar and Thrifty in the USA and Canada will be required to present their valid photo card UK licence only, they will not need to provide the counterpart of their licence or obtain an access code.

The easiest way to get the temporary code is to log into and you will need:

Note the temporary code is only valid 72 hours from when it is issued.

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