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When renting a car in USA be sure to book the correct size car for your purposes.  When booking a car through the difference in price between each group of car is $3-$5 a day.  If an upgrade is arranged at the location local rates are applied which are much more ie 4 -7 times more expensive ie $20- $25 a day more.  Just a single group upgrade will cost about 50% of your original price.

There seems to be two reasons to upgrade your car at the location 

1) You see a nice car and arrange an upgrade on impulse - If you can not resist  do look at  the cost on the rental agreement.

2) When you take delivery of the car you discover it does not have enough space for your luggage.  American cars generally have less space for luggage than European/Asian cars.

A family of 4 visiting USA for a two week holiday, will not be able to fit in a small car even with their luggage on their lap.

Suitcases can be huge. We recommend that you look at this link which shows the luggage capacity of cars and consider that British Airways free luggage allowance is 35 inches x 29 inches x 16 inches = 9.4 cb ft. You will need to work out the cb ft of your suitcases to get an idea of the size of car you need but remember that because of the shape of the car  luggage space, it may still not fit. If you then need to upgrade it may well double the cost of your car rental'

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Last edited 18 December 2012