Drive Safe in USA.

Whilst encountering a problem is extremely unlikely, as a visitor you should take some steps which will not cause you any difficulty but will considerably reduce your exposure to a problem.

  • Work out your route in advance or use a GPS.
  • Put any valuables out of sight
  • Keep your doors/windows locked.
  • If your car is hit from behind do not stop unless it is safe to do so, continue to a public area and call for police assistance (911)
  • If you encounter a problem with your car or anyone tells you of a problem with your car, if at all possible, continue with your journey to a petrol station or a well lit public area.
  • Emergency vehicles have red or blue flashing lights, do not stop for other colours eg yellow or white.
  • If someone indicates they need assistance, continue with your journey
  • Park in a well lit area

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Last edited 18 December 2012